Light Switch Crusader

In Light Switch Crusader the player's duty is to invade homes at night in order to turn off any lights that were left on.
Originally created for Ludem Dare 39, I was joined with a programmer and an audio composer to achieve this experience in 72 hours.

As a generalist I was able to devise a well thought out plan, which when explained, was enjoyed among the team.

While we did not win any awards, out of the 1,361 submissions, we did rank 60th place in the humor category.

The stealth and comedy aspects of this game work well together.
Due to the consistent plays that it still gets, I recently updated it with a second level!

My personal contributions to the project included:
- Concept
- Game Design
- Art Direction
- Character Designs
- Level Design
- 3D Modeling
- Animation
- Texturing
- 2D Graphics
- UI Design
- Lighting
- Voice Acting
- Menu Audio

For more info about the game: